Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Win/Loss: -2.31$
BB: -115.50
BB/100 -6.09
Hands: 1897
MTT:4 tables
Time: 10 hours

After such a great first session where I had my peak with 6 $ I was completely crushed at evening session and finnaly end up in minus I have no words. NO WORDS

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Week goal

Since today is sunday I should write a goals for whole next week (11/28 - 12/4)

I stil follow my 1250$ monthly goal So for that this week I will:

[] finnaly take beggienrs course exam (forgot to do that)
[] 7 articles summary, to watch 7 videp
[} 84 hours for poker
[] 33600 hands
[] to win 80 $
[] start my blog on pokerstrategy

27. November -3.16

Win/Loss: -3.16$
BB: -158.00
BB/100: -57.66
Hands: 274

Got unlucky in beggining with some donk moves that I managed to recognise as donk bets but they got lucky on river or smt then i startet to tild and play like maniac againts tigth players IDIOT I should avoid any confrontation with tigth playes at all, this could been a nice top up to my bankroll, but here you go cant discipline my wish to be a maniac player and become adrenalin maniac - F O L D B A D H A N D S

Tommorow I will play 12 hours, hopefully I'll be better in discipline and will manage to avoid such a stupid mistakes

So what is poker success formula by me?

So a day before yesterday as I wrote I put a task for myself - to understand why am I failing in poker career and what key would unlock a success to me. I was thinking even all night but didn't figure anything significant and magical. There is one simple true about poker or at least how I understand everything. I need just to answer two simple questions -What actions can bring a success for me in Poker? How can I do that? In my view the anwsers are this:

What actions can bring success for me in Poker? There is two simple words to anwser this question - knowledge and discipline The can be separate to other small statemenets:
1) To revise all the posible teory on level by level so well that I am able to esplain it by myself and feel comfortable that i really understant it
2) Always updateing my current knowlede, ther is never a supreme state where i can stop developing and updating knowledge
3) Have a sharp brain and intelligence to be able to adopt my knowledge to a special situation, go beyond theory with many variance.

1) To discipline myself to follow a thin schedule with lots of time for learning and playing poker
2) To discipline myself to give the most of me, energy and focuses while playing or studying.

So the second question - How can I do that?

There was one extremely good advice that I've recieved at pokerstrategy website from a coach just when I started my beginners course - force force FORCE You need to force things to happen.

But to do that you obviuosly need an motivation. I think that there is two way to get motivation - happy and angry. Happy would be ofcourse when you have alot fullfilments in your life -friends a supportive partner, family, have already a stabile and social life, you mtoivated to do things so you can later to impress other or share happiness with them or because they help you and you don't want to despondent them.

Unfortunately I am not in that situation but in complete opposite - Im living far away from my home, isolated from family and forgotten by all friends, in a small shit room, which i hate now and can't afford, as well as i have no money even for food, nothing I hate my situation and that I am closed here, write now i just want to threw up from discusting place that im in and discusting spaggeti that i eat in this month, because of my stupid apartament where you need to pay for shower, i can't now even afford to take a fucking shower. Totally alone and desperate, so here you go the only one thing that left to me how to motivate myself is ANGRY

Angry on my shit situation on that i wasted years and did not achieve anything, angry to quit that and move from that a simple and pure fucking ANGRY

So here it is the anwser how to do that and a key to succes is - TO FEEL STRONG ANGRINESS THAT WILL PUSH ME TO FORCE MYSELF TO GAIN KNOWLEDGE AND DISCIPLINE

And that MUST bring me finnaly from struggle to stability
I won't write more articles on motivation and my depressive situation, but will concentrate on a game and hopefully I wont needed to write that because I will progress, here are some tunes that describes the best my current mood:

Saturday, 26 November 2011

I just won $8.52 in 1.5 hours !! CATCH THOSE M******* FISHES

BB: 426.00
BB/100: 204.81
Hands: 208
MT:4 tables
NL2 (0.02 BB)
titpoints: 394
Total bankroll: 20$

WOhooooooooooooooooooooo. I needed to stop playing because I got too exited, in such short time such a good amount, An the most important and why I become so excited is not that I won, but because i finally find how to break througth and start winning or I found the biggest leak in poker carerr so far - I wasn't going for fishes !!!!!!!!!!!! I won now the biggest amount from two fishes, very loose and could play wiht just one Ace+, one was a total manica was always refulling to maximum amount and going all in with everything (probably drunk)

Anyway the importan think is that all those fishes stays in room with biggest av. pot. I ussualy avoid those rooms because they had like 4-6 waiting playes and I wanted to play as soon as psoible so I was picking rooms with biggest av. pot and 0 waiting rooms. A HUGE MISTAKE. It totaly worth to wait because then i got a chance to play against such childrens and it is so easy to get money from them, so from now on I always choose only big av. pot rooms even in that means to wait longer and whenever i feel that room becoem to tigth and not profit I will choose a new room with max. av. pot

Maybe today i was little bit lucky but still the lesson about seeing fish is good as well as to try avoid confrontation with nits or rock, that I learned today too, because my biggest lose even with KK was against nits.

Also it is important to stay focus, I found out that when you start winning you start be exited and that can lead to loose game, very bad, thank go that i have this strategy so whenever i feel to loose i just switch my brains and command them to start focusing on following the strategy and eventually I come down and start to be more concentrated.

My new schedule with reading articles before session also good idea, I found that this helps my brains to switch to poker mood and htinking so on tables I can play better.

But ofcourse the most important new lession is to go for fishes. Fuck yeah

Thursday, 24 November 2011

My plan how finnaly to reach 1250$ poker bankroll till december 26 (in 30 days) and to star living from poker

"When there is hop in the future, there is power in the present

They say that you should have a dream and then a plan how to achieve that dream, plus commitment to follow your dream.

Today I withdraw my 23 $ from pokerstars website to pay bank, electricity bill and hopefully ill have like 2 dollars for food next month. So now I'm left with last 10 $ on titan poker room.

Dream? I have a dream till December 26 christmas to reach 1250, this would be ultimate bankroll limit after which I can start to play for living, then till new year (5 days) to win on NL0.5 - 600 dollars, which would use to pay my January rent and finally normal food.

My schedule

after some drafts i finally come up with the best possible productive schedule that feels possible to try:
06:00-09:00 poker studies(to blog about yesterday sessions, 1 article summarize,watch 1 video)
09:00-10:00 walking time, just to get fresh air and at least once per day to leave a day
10:00=11:00 Lunch (watching tv series)
11:00-17:00 1st poker session 6 hours
17:00-17:30 Dinner time, just break
17:30-23:30 pokeris 2nd session 6 hours
23:30-24:00 notes taking, what to review tommorow
24:00-00:30 reading not poker and sleaping

I need to reach 10/100 BB winrate with MSS. My most productivity - 6 tables and 400 hands per hour. So if i reach this winrate, then with 12 hours of poker session per day I can play 4800 hands and to get 480 BB per day

Ultimate rule - leave the table when it gets to tight and to look for new table with fishes it was a big leak in all my previous games

Bankroll steps (i choose to follow BSS bankroll since later I want to switch to BSS so it would better to keep on it) anyway here is bankroll goals:

Formula - money goal/level BB= BBgoal/480 BB= how many days that can took me

NL2 (bb -0.02) - to win 100 $ or 5000BB = 10 days
NL4 (bb-0.04) - to win 150$(250$) or 3750BB = 8 days
NL10 (bb-0.10) - to win 375 $(625$) or 3750BB = 8 days
NL25 (bb-0.25) - to win 625 $(1250$) or 2500BB =6 days

in total - 31 days. So if I start at November 26 I will finis at December 26
Then I move on NL1 and play all the rest 4 days which makes 1920$ then I can have a decent and normal new year...

Is it possible? If I would be a betting company and needed to make a odds, considering that I failed so hard all time before(above diagram -60 dollars in 3 monts) and that I didn't not have a discipline to follow my previuos goal "20 days challenge, consider all this I would go with 1:50 that I will reach all those goals. In other words - almost impossible. I have one day today to think about that and to find motivation and how I can reach that and to write a new blog psot, then to go

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

22.11 -3.00$ and 23.11 -0.36

On 22 I played only 1 hours and lsot so much, then I played 4 hours (both times 2 tables) and still manage to lose. I got some suck out, some my own luck on river, but in general there is still mistakes when I play not by the strategy and I need to work on my preflop and flop

Sunday, 20 November 2011

21.11.2011 - 4,71 $ Disaster

Win/Loss $ -4,79
BB: -239.50
BB/100: -66.71
Hands 359
Time: about 1,30 min.
Strategy: MSS
Total bankroll- 9.6 pounds
Titan poker sp - 329

I set up myself for 10 hours session, but stop after 1.5 h just because i reach my lost stop limit. In the beginingg I was to loose which leads to a quick lost about -2 $ then I discipline myself to focus and to follow only the strategy and almost won back all my lost, but then.. it was some donkey call by me, but also more than half of my losts happend because of bad bet, I lost with good hands againts fish donk move, because of fuckign river, all the time they catch the river, either a straigth ( with turn help) or a set, it so demotivating, i really needed to stop.

One week break of poker feels very much, so to feel again comfortable and have self secure on tables I put myself a goal, before next session (probably tommorow or today at 14:00 I need to read all silver MSS strategy articles + to do finnaly this beginners course exam + watch all video basics about MSS and then I can go back on tables

Saturday, 19 November 2011

12 november - +1.09 $

MT 4-6 tables MSS NL2

Win/loss + 1.09 $
BB/100 - 1.72
Total BB - 54.50
Hands - 2005
Time - 8 hours
Titan poker points - 292

General I had another fcking roller coaster again, money goes up and down too quickly, but then at the end of the day I managing to play at six tables at once and still to come up even after 2000 hands with a profit, it is still not what im looking for (my goal is 100 bb/1000 hands winrate) but for a start I'll call it achievement.

HUD stats

From that session (what winning rate should be)

VP$PP-7.6 (18-21)
Hand range Flop - 5.4
Open raise Late position - 11.1 (39-46)
3bet -4 (5-6)
Squezee - 2 (5-6)
Fold SB to steal - 95.8
Fold BB to steal - 90.0
Aggresaion Factor - 9.8 (3.6 -5)
Hand range - 1.4
wtSDwsf - 25 (25-29)
W$SD -51.9 (58-61)
w$wf 53.7
Total rake amount - 1.82 $
Big blinds per 100 - 2.7
Amount $ -1.09$
TBB 5.45 $

conclusion even i took a recommend HUD stats from BSS I think it still caunts for MSS and obviuosly my problem is too tight preflop, I folded 90 % of my hands. It can be smthn with multi tabling since when you have many tables open you setled down on comfortable solution to keep folding, this become your main action and helps to stay focus when you not engaged in many activities. I should stop that,I believe i fold good hands too, i will need to keep in mind in the future to keep bigger range of my hands that i play, try to steal blinds more often and not to fold steals. My Aggression factor is so big also because I almost never call, but that is not a problem, i guess in MSS you should have such AF, because that is the strategy - when you play you never call only raise.

new schedule due to the fact that Titan poker has a promotions that after 20 oclock you get 50 % your points and i need to reach 2500 points if I want to cash out, I decided to change my schedule so I'd be playing on that time. Here is new schedul that i feel follow all my last 2011 days:

08-09 - morning walking
09-10 - soem time to sort out any personal stuff (emails ect)
10-13 - poker education (blog about recent session, 1 article, 1 video)
13-14 - lunch
14-24 - 10 hours session 6 tables
24 - tv series, game,
01- sleep and book reading

Since the days go more colder I will stop for a while my jogging (that never worked anyway) and just have morning walk to breath fresh air and to have at least some time away from my apartament

Why break happend? todays is 19 so it menas that 7 days I didn't play poker and could revise my session, what a terrible down moment, why it happen ? Wll at first I got a stupid idea to review every single hand that change my bankroll, maybe not so bad idea and if I would be activy througth all this time i would done that but when i realize how big job this it i startet to put off this job. So my lession should be to remember good quite - it is better doen than perfect. Or maybe after i realize how hard can be to reach 10 BB/100 hands range I started to be depreced and not wanting to play... maybe

Anyway no more low self esteem and low mood and all the rest bulshit, time to start acting and finnaly to break througth the wall and make a living from poker, I decided to live from poker about the start of 2011, cant remember exactly when btu about march defientely and now it is almost a year I did not achieve anything, it is enougth i fed up with that at maximum, i need to win, work hard and live from poker. Period

Ultimate goal to have 10/100 BB winning rate, to reach 1250 $ Bankroll before christmas. And I will reach it. Period

Poker HUD stats - winning rate

Monday, 14 November 2011

Real motivation - how the biggest looser at poker looks like

Rigth now I'm taking a two days break, cause I was too tired after nov 12 6 tables session, but already tommorow I'll be back on track and now I found a good motivation for myself this documentary. I need to work much much harder so that I wont end up like him.

Funny cause I suppose this video purpose was to gain more negative emotion and demotivate from poker .. works opposite way to me

Friday, 11 November 2011

11 november -0.01$

Multabling: 4 NL2 MSS
Win/Loss -0.01 $
BB: -0.50
BB/100: -0.04
Hands: 1116
Time: 6

Total banroll: 28.07
Total titan poker points: 239 (needs 2500 to withraw from that room)

Honestly i was expecting that i will go broke in few hours, but did not happen, so maybe after all even without win iI should be satisfied. I had technical problem in the begging - it's appear that minimum amount that i can take to the table is 1$ so my buy in strategy had to change, also I totaly dont know how to configure autobuy for minimum buy in cause when I did put auto rebuy stack it always rebuys me to maximum amount (5$), but not so big problem cause manual way is simple and maybe better.

In total I really like Medium stack strategy. It is agressive and you lose smaller, of course win also smaller then BSS but as for begginer it is a perfect balance. I had a complete rolly coast on my bankroll, some lost were because of my msitakes, like played with hands that shouldn't by the strategy, other lost were by following strategy. Anyway I'ms still learning and soemtimes mistake raising chart for 3 betting try to steal with not suited Ace small kicker, playing hand out of position and ect. I noted all my concerns and will try to look back to articles and fix leaks now.

Even if I played nto 10 but 6 hours (1 hour lost because of longer job application procedure, then on a lunch time toook a nap, because didnt slept all nigth) I still feel that i done good job and counted first day succesfull, 19 left

Thursday, 10 November 2011


would it help if every day before shcedule start I wil lwatch thsi video? hmm.. will see

November - breaking point, now or never !! 20 days MSS challenge

what happend before
Nothing good, was so passive, played some seesions cash games on NL2 but get broke with overpairs againts sets several times, also played some freerols but got

current bankroll - 40 $ (separete througth two poker rooms) total los - about 60 $

the only good thing that i did until now is to finish NL begginers course on pokerstrategy.com

Besides that my days where full depression, sad and bad mood and complete melancholy

So while facing such a hard start in my poker career i decided that is enough to be drifting and it is time to finally have a breaking month and to finish with two option - a) finnaly managing succesful week with growing profit b) get tottaly broke and finish poker carrer for a while and focus only on work search

I decided to switch to a Medium stack strategy which is very simple and have a good explanation what to do in all streets, example proflop chart:

so 20 days challenge:

20 days challenge

At first i had aplan with some sundays off but my laziness made a longer preparation therefore now i have to go with 20 in a row plan, Anyway:

From today every day with a goal of 20 in arow days I will be following this schedule every day:

07:00-08:00 - sport (jogging)
08:00-09:00 - breakfast time + sending CV to all new job ad that can find
09:00-14:00 - 5 hours poker session 4 tables with MSS on NL2
14:00-15:00 - lunch time
15:00-20:00 - 5 hours poker session 4 tables with MSS on NL2
20:00-21:00 - dinner
21:00-22:00 - sessions revision the best/ the worst hands + evaluating other hands+ blog post
22:00-23:00 - articles about MSS summarize on notepad
23:00-24:00 - video watching about MSS

Rule no 1 - never give in let's say I will lose a discipline oversleep or smth happen one day I still have to go back to a schedule just look what I suppose to do that time according to schedule and do it, maybe i wont manage to discipline myself to follow this schedule from morning til evening all 20 days in a row, but my goal still must be as much as possible days

Rule no 2 I will have stop limit which will be x4 buy in also I'll play with auto buy in, when ill reach my stop limit I'll stop playing poker and mvoe to do education stuff (writing summarize of articles, watching videos) if I'll finish MSS materials I'll go with extra education materials

Rule no 3 I have to discipline myself to follow like a robot everything what is said on a theory and not go to left or rigth from it, even if I feel that oponent bluffing or whatever i have never go beyond the theory. I simple whant to chek how really good is this MSS and also if I'll end up broke then I can put blame on something.. strategy !

My finnacial situation at the moment - i have only money for my next rent bill so i wont have to pay till new year, some food supplies maybe will be enougth till the end of month, nto sure with electirity but till nov 31 should be enougth of my electricity cards so basicly i can go forward and hoping that in the best scenario at the middle of december i will can to withraw some money for food

Buy inn and stopp limits Buy in every table with 40 BB that means 0.80 on NL2 limits and I'll leave the table with 1.50 and go to another tabel with 40 BB, stop limit is 4 X buy inn lost aka 3.2 $ then i stop for next day and also i use auto buyin so that i always have 0.80

Education material
Articles MSS bronze (9), Silver (7) MTT basic (8) silver (7) Video - MSS basic (7) bronze (18) silver (11)

extra education material my 90 poker books and NL BSS silver 41 articles MTT 42 videos on basic bronze silver

Freerolls I will constantly be looking on what offers is on freerolss and whenever will be a good one with a minimum 100 $ prize and on my schedule it is a poker time I will play but just puting one more extra table for my 4 tables not like I would stop MT MSS for freerol it will jsut be on top of my 4 tables

Posible scenarios (including december):

scenario version 1 - the best super - find a job so I'll have funding for poker then all my free from job time till the last minute i'll divide into 70/30 procents- poker playing/learning and reach NL 25 Ill be playing mSS 4 tables on titan poker till i go broke or till i get 2500 points and be able to withdraw all my money then all money i will divide througth 3 poker rooms - partypoker, pokerstars 888poker, because they have the best point store facilities and ill be multitabaling 6 tables till i reach NL 50 then finishing summarizing all articles on BSS and going BSS on NL50 with 6 tables till i win 10 000 (money away from bankroll, to payd debt and ect) then move bankroll with extra money to NL1 and play it till i win 10 000 $. Not neceserarry everything on two months but hopefully till februrary and then I'll quit job and play poker full time and winning per month more than 10 000 $

scenario version 2 - middle good - nto go broke maybe even reach NL4 and gold status + 20 free dollars at the end of november- it will be still to small bankroll so I will need to stop poker and go to job searching plan and all my time from morning till 18:00 oclock spend on searching a job, all the rest with still playing poker, but only with 1 hour for education (revising hands just it no more materials) if till new year i wont find a job and I wont get any unemployment benefits I'll neded to go to give up plan - go back to parents home, cause i cant afford my own living here

scenario version 3 - the worst - get broke before the end of 20 days challenge, if i follow my stop limits with 3.2 that could happen only after 12 days, but still can happen, then of course i switch to work search plan and play only freerols after 18:00

scenario version 4 - the most worst - no discipline, doing nothing
the worst is that I be such a terrible live being that wont be able to force myself for any work and days will fly with no work tottaly wasted, well more than 5 like that days and I quit 20 days challenge and switch to work finding full time plan and if that wont work to give up plan with keeping in mind that I will need to see a doctor for some help with my melancholic depression that keeps me in such unproductive moode

Now is 3:39 AM at 2011 11 11 a good date for having a breaking moment in you life, huh? What next? I propably wont sleep all nigth till 7 when i will start a first day at my challenge day so till then I will clean my computer and defragment it because recently i had some problems with him, he was laging and frozing for some time while i'm playing poker, also i'll will delete all my videos, games ect. because i wont needed them and keep computer just poker, then I'll revise again my notes and the new challenge will begin


Thursday, 3 November 2011

freerol - 104th place 2.75 win

o freerol 2000 $ tournament just finished for me at 104 th place from 2000 players I won just 2.75 $
If id had such terrible time at cash game maybe id be even happy with this but now it really sucks and i stil lfed up, I could go much more forward from just sitting, lost with top pair 7 againts 10 10 had a good game before that.

In cash game my total los for todays was 7.10$

What i learned today at cash game that you need to pay strong attention on a board not only searchign for flush or straigth posibilities but if there is a pair I can identify that oponent migth have full house or four hand and his strong bet can mean that, i really need improve my read on players cause so far im fishing with so many bad players on NL2 that i always assume that im playing with bad palyers and they are bluffing i need to drop that thinking and tigth up my game

now i move on on finishin my begginers cours and videos

btw i really enjoyed tournament i should play one more in the near future

mine discipline

My donk game

So I had one good day when in three hours i earned 1.98$ and then i had two donk days when with stupid donk moves on all in I lsot all my buy in and winnings from session boom one day -5 another -3% and in total now november is - 6.02 $ Just great. The most anoying thing is that i was playing good and those stupid donk movies took all my buy in and now crushed me again and i really am in deep depression with my other problems and that this poker career seems not progressing.

i don know what i was tkingkindI saw heavily draw board and knew that oponent might have flush he raise and i suddently start to play liek monster catch a drill with thinking that he maybe is bluffing and I will be extremely lucky with catching hes blufff so I go all in they call and Im broken, The msot stupid thing that after two times liek that i realise my mistake and do that again ...


I need to realise that it is not a shame to fold on a bluff and especially when it is heavy draw board with option that your oponent has a better hand and you dont have any information about your oponet or even worst - when you know that he is a tigth player and suddenly starts rising on 3 couloures board jesus christ how bad i played

here is some examples :
i have As9h in Mp1 in that position actually needs to fold but i limp together with co and BB checks board - Th8h7h co bets 0.05 i call cause i have flush/straigth draw turn comes j so i have nuts straigth i bet 0.14 CO goes all in i call and it turns he has a flush my nuts straigt loose, what was sick about this hand that i lost to the same oponent when he had a straigth so i guess i was ego to get back my money but it was mroe than obviuosly that he is not bluffing because it was tigth palyer and flush was posible

other stupid play - i have As7h (sounds familiar?)and im in mp1 again and again I should fold but i limp board comes Ah kh 6h BB checks, UTG2 bets $0.05, Hero raises to $0.19, 3 folds, UTG2 raises to $0.33, Hero calls $0.14. Turn: ($0.77) 8 club
UTG2 bets $0.38, Hero raises to $1.43, UTG2 calls $1.05.

River: ($3.63) 2 club (2 players)
UTG2 bets $0.38, Hero raises to $0.38 (All-In).

UTG2 shows a flush, ace high (Qh Th)


Anyway that is a past now i have the smallest bankroll ever but need to go forward

I also start using program sidekick and enter 888 and poker 770 rooms and ogt free money (about 8 dollars in each) everything jsut so i get some extra points pon pokerstrategy.com website cause I lost my silver status this month, i sill maybe will player on some tournament at one of those rooms but my mind focus is still on titant poker poker starts and partypoker)

My plans for this week - today im gonna play on freerol tournament with 2000 dolars prize my minimum plan to get to ITM, maximum - 6th place after that tommorow ill be working on education amterials and try to finish begginers course andto watch all ivdeos about small stack strategy and on the weekend i want to do go to ful lgear and do 50 hours MT with SSS my current goal on bankroll is to get back 100 dollars and to move to next limit Nl4

i really feel terible these days, i have a problem with balancing my time - not sleeping at nigths sleeping at day terrible feelings and no progress in fiding job so depressive mode and that really efects poekr game too