Saturday, 19 November 2011

12 november - +1.09 $

MT 4-6 tables MSS NL2

Win/loss + 1.09 $
BB/100 - 1.72
Total BB - 54.50
Hands - 2005
Time - 8 hours
Titan poker points - 292

General I had another fcking roller coaster again, money goes up and down too quickly, but then at the end of the day I managing to play at six tables at once and still to come up even after 2000 hands with a profit, it is still not what im looking for (my goal is 100 bb/1000 hands winrate) but for a start I'll call it achievement.

HUD stats

From that session (what winning rate should be)

VP$PP-7.6 (18-21)
Hand range Flop - 5.4
Open raise Late position - 11.1 (39-46)
3bet -4 (5-6)
Squezee - 2 (5-6)
Fold SB to steal - 95.8
Fold BB to steal - 90.0
Aggresaion Factor - 9.8 (3.6 -5)
Hand range - 1.4
wtSDwsf - 25 (25-29)
W$SD -51.9 (58-61)
w$wf 53.7
Total rake amount - 1.82 $
Big blinds per 100 - 2.7
Amount $ -1.09$
TBB 5.45 $

conclusion even i took a recommend HUD stats from BSS I think it still caunts for MSS and obviuosly my problem is too tight preflop, I folded 90 % of my hands. It can be smthn with multi tabling since when you have many tables open you setled down on comfortable solution to keep folding, this become your main action and helps to stay focus when you not engaged in many activities. I should stop that,I believe i fold good hands too, i will need to keep in mind in the future to keep bigger range of my hands that i play, try to steal blinds more often and not to fold steals. My Aggression factor is so big also because I almost never call, but that is not a problem, i guess in MSS you should have such AF, because that is the strategy - when you play you never call only raise.

new schedule due to the fact that Titan poker has a promotions that after 20 oclock you get 50 % your points and i need to reach 2500 points if I want to cash out, I decided to change my schedule so I'd be playing on that time. Here is new schedul that i feel follow all my last 2011 days:

08-09 - morning walking
09-10 - soem time to sort out any personal stuff (emails ect)
10-13 - poker education (blog about recent session, 1 article, 1 video)
13-14 - lunch
14-24 - 10 hours session 6 tables
24 - tv series, game,
01- sleep and book reading

Since the days go more colder I will stop for a while my jogging (that never worked anyway) and just have morning walk to breath fresh air and to have at least some time away from my apartament

Why break happend? todays is 19 so it menas that 7 days I didn't play poker and could revise my session, what a terrible down moment, why it happen ? Wll at first I got a stupid idea to review every single hand that change my bankroll, maybe not so bad idea and if I would be activy througth all this time i would done that but when i realize how big job this it i startet to put off this job. So my lession should be to remember good quite - it is better doen than perfect. Or maybe after i realize how hard can be to reach 10 BB/100 hands range I started to be depreced and not wanting to play... maybe

Anyway no more low self esteem and low mood and all the rest bulshit, time to start acting and finnaly to break througth the wall and make a living from poker, I decided to live from poker about the start of 2011, cant remember exactly when btu about march defientely and now it is almost a year I did not achieve anything, it is enougth i fed up with that at maximum, i need to win, work hard and live from poker. Period

Ultimate goal to have 10/100 BB winning rate, to reach 1250 $ Bankroll before christmas. And I will reach it. Period

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