Sunday, 20 November 2011

21.11.2011 - 4,71 $ Disaster

Win/Loss $ -4,79
BB: -239.50
BB/100: -66.71
Hands 359
Time: about 1,30 min.
Strategy: MSS
Total bankroll- 9.6 pounds
Titan poker sp - 329

I set up myself for 10 hours session, but stop after 1.5 h just because i reach my lost stop limit. In the beginingg I was to loose which leads to a quick lost about -2 $ then I discipline myself to focus and to follow only the strategy and almost won back all my lost, but then.. it was some donkey call by me, but also more than half of my losts happend because of bad bet, I lost with good hands againts fish donk move, because of fuckign river, all the time they catch the river, either a straigth ( with turn help) or a set, it so demotivating, i really needed to stop.

One week break of poker feels very much, so to feel again comfortable and have self secure on tables I put myself a goal, before next session (probably tommorow or today at 14:00 I need to read all silver MSS strategy articles + to do finnaly this beginners course exam + watch all video basics about MSS and then I can go back on tables

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