Thursday, 29 September 2011

First post + week goals #1

So here you go -  I start my poker blog and this is my first post (hello world :) ) Since it's my first post i guess i need some introduction. I'll write this blog mainly for myself and to track my poker carrer development to record my mistakes and just to help to learn me to play poker, because writing about it is a part of learning. But even if I''ll write mainly for myself i'll keep this blog public, because ... wel this is wht social media all about and if any other poker-bloggers would liek to comment or participate in this blog discussions - you are more than welcome. I'll try to collect as many as I can poker blogs to my RSS reader.

How much time i give to poker I suspetend myself at university due to debt and now i hope to manage to live from poker, so i give maximum - 12 hours per day, 6 days per week. 8 hours - fro playing (3 tables multibaling) and 4 hours for learning (writing blog, reading books, watching videos, participating in discussions)

Where I'm learning about poker I'm developing myself at - there are everyting you need, also i have about 50 poker books at pdf from internet, which i'll try to read at my learning time, 1 hour each day and im thinking about joining one more learning website, i think -

How I'll write this blog each week before monday I'll put a week goals and than every day I'll revise my session put hands whit my biggest mistakes so I would definetly learn and wont do them again. Also I'll mention what learned new

My strategy I'll use short stack strategy, currently i have 100 dollars bankroll and I hope to reach 625 $ before moving to big stack strategy.

This week goals Since it is a middle of a week and only two days left (friday, saturday) I can't make real goals. I just hope in the next week to get use to this 12 hours poker regime and to discipline myself to do that. But gere soem small goals:
money - earn 25 $
education - finish all beginners courses at (so far i spend months reading materials, but they have this new courses option so i will do them) to watch all  extra videos about shorth stack strategy ( about 4.5 hours) to finish the book Ace on the river.

that is all for first post