Friday, 16 December 2011

The end

in one nigth

So this is it my dream is over, now I don't have to worry about poker anymore, only what the best way would be to suicide

16 December + $1.56

Win/loss: + $1.56
BB: 78.00
BB/100: 17.85
Hands: 437
MT: 4 tables

need to play MORE TIME AND HANDS plus to focus more

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Next 7 days - to boost bankroll to NL25 limit

Yeah if you stop playing for one day poker you lose discipline, at leats for me that happend and what 3 days without poker? Lazy buster, now back on truck with casual week goals, I have only 8 pounds left in my acount and I'll move to play on euros tables only - bigger risk to lose everything, but bigger posibility to earn more, two weeks only left till my final deadlien to have 1250 $, also one more new think - every morning before starting sessions I'll watch learning videos about tournaments, they are my last hope and also I'll start to watch game theory courses on evenings after midnigth and when I'll finish blogging, they can be very useful, but basicly I'll stil lstick to the same schedule - that I promised to myself to have till I'll reach 1250 $ So goals in terms of days will be like that"

15-22 to earn 625

15 thursd (14 val.)- 4 tables - 3360 hands
16 Friday (14val.) - 5 tables - 4900 hands
17 saturday (12val.) 6 tables 4900 hands + 1 tournament VIP 1000 freerol
18 Sunday (10 val. training + 2 tournament)
19 Monday (10 val cash + 2 tournament) 4000 hands
20 Tuesday (14 val.) 6 tables 5600 hands
21 wendesday (14 val.) 6 tables 5600 hands
22 thursday (14 val.) 6 tables 5600 hands

total - 33960 cash hands/ 5 tournaments
money goals 100 euros from NL2 cash + 500 dollars from 5 tournaments

every 90 minutes to have a break !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
every morning - one tournament learning video, every evening - one game theory video
fold after c-bet if I have nothing

Saturday, 10 December 2011

10 December -3.69$

Win/loss: -3.69$
BB: -184.50
BB/100: -21.30
Hands: 866
MT: 4 tables

Back to where I've been two days ago, huh?

Good news The most of my lost happend because of my fault, so that means that to win still posible I just need to strength my discipline and game by the strategy. I finished to listed Poker mindset audiobook. UNBELIEVABLE good book, really the second the best book that you will ever read/listen in you poker career, i again relearn and understand deeper the importance of patience in poker, theb ook taugth alot about how not to tilt, how always think about long run instead of short wins, how the most importan is the best move and result is irreliaviant and how rollercoaster of winning is the part of poker and need to be calm and wait whil fro long run all the money come back to me, also bad beats? should be happy that bad players wins cause that only will encourage them to play bad again and also I should figth againts temptation to do the same and keep solid game.
Also I sold my photo camera today and got some money so I'll buy some food and my startvation will end, probably that will help to be productive and maybe some electricity cards so I ll be insurant fro mrunning out of electricity and I'll keep the chance to play even 48 hours in a roll
Bad news I have only 16 days left to reach 1250 $ and still on NL2, can it be more embaracing? Pokerstrategy still doesn't work, but I'm thinking to switch to HM2 only when I'll reach Nl4
I need to improve Grind more my games, when river comes a card that can finish flush I should check/fold when I bluff c-bet and get call and have nothing - check/fold I have to beack on my schedule, now I agai nstay up at nigths and sleep at day time, with 4 tables I should play minimum 2000 hands per day, very undiscipline in terms of timetabling. Also have finnaly to take seriuosly 6 minutes break each 90 minutes
What's next? I'll play all nigth on European tables, hoping that nigth factor will benefit me and find some tigther players.. I'll finish if i win +5 pounds (14 in total )then all sunday studying tournaments and at 18:00 coacihin session at 21:00 to play two tournaments +0.5 buy inn. Hoping to win 40$ from both in total. Tournaments now is my last hope to cath up with deadline .....

Friday, 9 December 2011

9.12 +2.08 $

Win/loss: 2.08$
BB/100: 18.71
Hands: 556
MT: 4 tables

Couldn't avoid a sligth tilting at the end.. played marginal situation plus suckouts and here you go :((