Friday, 11 November 2011

11 november -0.01$

Multabling: 4 NL2 MSS
Win/Loss -0.01 $
BB: -0.50
BB/100: -0.04
Hands: 1116
Time: 6

Total banroll: 28.07
Total titan poker points: 239 (needs 2500 to withraw from that room)

Honestly i was expecting that i will go broke in few hours, but did not happen, so maybe after all even without win iI should be satisfied. I had technical problem in the begging - it's appear that minimum amount that i can take to the table is 1$ so my buy in strategy had to change, also I totaly dont know how to configure autobuy for minimum buy in cause when I did put auto rebuy stack it always rebuys me to maximum amount (5$), but not so big problem cause manual way is simple and maybe better.

In total I really like Medium stack strategy. It is agressive and you lose smaller, of course win also smaller then BSS but as for begginer it is a perfect balance. I had a complete rolly coast on my bankroll, some lost were because of my msitakes, like played with hands that shouldn't by the strategy, other lost were by following strategy. Anyway I'ms still learning and soemtimes mistake raising chart for 3 betting try to steal with not suited Ace small kicker, playing hand out of position and ect. I noted all my concerns and will try to look back to articles and fix leaks now.

Even if I played nto 10 but 6 hours (1 hour lost because of longer job application procedure, then on a lunch time toook a nap, because didnt slept all nigth) I still feel that i done good job and counted first day succesfull, 19 left

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