Thursday, 3 November 2011

freerol - 104th place 2.75 win

o freerol 2000 $ tournament just finished for me at 104 th place from 2000 players I won just 2.75 $
If id had such terrible time at cash game maybe id be even happy with this but now it really sucks and i stil lfed up, I could go much more forward from just sitting, lost with top pair 7 againts 10 10 had a good game before that.

In cash game my total los for todays was 7.10$

What i learned today at cash game that you need to pay strong attention on a board not only searchign for flush or straigth posibilities but if there is a pair I can identify that oponent migth have full house or four hand and his strong bet can mean that, i really need improve my read on players cause so far im fishing with so many bad players on NL2 that i always assume that im playing with bad palyers and they are bluffing i need to drop that thinking and tigth up my game

now i move on on finishin my begginers cours and videos

btw i really enjoyed tournament i should play one more in the near future

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