Thursday, 10 November 2011

November - breaking point, now or never !! 20 days MSS challenge

what happend before
Nothing good, was so passive, played some seesions cash games on NL2 but get broke with overpairs againts sets several times, also played some freerols but got

current bankroll - 40 $ (separete througth two poker rooms) total los - about 60 $

the only good thing that i did until now is to finish NL begginers course on

Besides that my days where full depression, sad and bad mood and complete melancholy

So while facing such a hard start in my poker career i decided that is enough to be drifting and it is time to finally have a breaking month and to finish with two option - a) finnaly managing succesful week with growing profit b) get tottaly broke and finish poker carrer for a while and focus only on work search

I decided to switch to a Medium stack strategy which is very simple and have a good explanation what to do in all streets, example proflop chart:

so 20 days challenge:

20 days challenge

At first i had aplan with some sundays off but my laziness made a longer preparation therefore now i have to go with 20 in a row plan, Anyway:

From today every day with a goal of 20 in arow days I will be following this schedule every day:

07:00-08:00 - sport (jogging)
08:00-09:00 - breakfast time + sending CV to all new job ad that can find
09:00-14:00 - 5 hours poker session 4 tables with MSS on NL2
14:00-15:00 - lunch time
15:00-20:00 - 5 hours poker session 4 tables with MSS on NL2
20:00-21:00 - dinner
21:00-22:00 - sessions revision the best/ the worst hands + evaluating other hands+ blog post
22:00-23:00 - articles about MSS summarize on notepad
23:00-24:00 - video watching about MSS

Rule no 1 - never give in let's say I will lose a discipline oversleep or smth happen one day I still have to go back to a schedule just look what I suppose to do that time according to schedule and do it, maybe i wont manage to discipline myself to follow this schedule from morning til evening all 20 days in a row, but my goal still must be as much as possible days

Rule no 2 I will have stop limit which will be x4 buy in also I'll play with auto buy in, when ill reach my stop limit I'll stop playing poker and mvoe to do education stuff (writing summarize of articles, watching videos) if I'll finish MSS materials I'll go with extra education materials

Rule no 3 I have to discipline myself to follow like a robot everything what is said on a theory and not go to left or rigth from it, even if I feel that oponent bluffing or whatever i have never go beyond the theory. I simple whant to chek how really good is this MSS and also if I'll end up broke then I can put blame on something.. strategy !

My finnacial situation at the moment - i have only money for my next rent bill so i wont have to pay till new year, some food supplies maybe will be enougth till the end of month, nto sure with electirity but till nov 31 should be enougth of my electricity cards so basicly i can go forward and hoping that in the best scenario at the middle of december i will can to withraw some money for food

Buy inn and stopp limits Buy in every table with 40 BB that means 0.80 on NL2 limits and I'll leave the table with 1.50 and go to another tabel with 40 BB, stop limit is 4 X buy inn lost aka 3.2 $ then i stop for next day and also i use auto buyin so that i always have 0.80

Education material
Articles MSS bronze (9), Silver (7) MTT basic (8) silver (7) Video - MSS basic (7) bronze (18) silver (11)

extra education material my 90 poker books and NL BSS silver 41 articles MTT 42 videos on basic bronze silver

Freerolls I will constantly be looking on what offers is on freerolss and whenever will be a good one with a minimum 100 $ prize and on my schedule it is a poker time I will play but just puting one more extra table for my 4 tables not like I would stop MT MSS for freerol it will jsut be on top of my 4 tables

Posible scenarios (including december):

scenario version 1 - the best super - find a job so I'll have funding for poker then all my free from job time till the last minute i'll divide into 70/30 procents- poker playing/learning and reach NL 25 Ill be playing mSS 4 tables on titan poker till i go broke or till i get 2500 points and be able to withdraw all my money then all money i will divide througth 3 poker rooms - partypoker, pokerstars 888poker, because they have the best point store facilities and ill be multitabaling 6 tables till i reach NL 50 then finishing summarizing all articles on BSS and going BSS on NL50 with 6 tables till i win 10 000 (money away from bankroll, to payd debt and ect) then move bankroll with extra money to NL1 and play it till i win 10 000 $. Not neceserarry everything on two months but hopefully till februrary and then I'll quit job and play poker full time and winning per month more than 10 000 $

scenario version 2 - middle good - nto go broke maybe even reach NL4 and gold status + 20 free dollars at the end of november- it will be still to small bankroll so I will need to stop poker and go to job searching plan and all my time from morning till 18:00 oclock spend on searching a job, all the rest with still playing poker, but only with 1 hour for education (revising hands just it no more materials) if till new year i wont find a job and I wont get any unemployment benefits I'll neded to go to give up plan - go back to parents home, cause i cant afford my own living here

scenario version 3 - the worst - get broke before the end of 20 days challenge, if i follow my stop limits with 3.2 that could happen only after 12 days, but still can happen, then of course i switch to work search plan and play only freerols after 18:00

scenario version 4 - the most worst - no discipline, doing nothing
the worst is that I be such a terrible live being that wont be able to force myself for any work and days will fly with no work tottaly wasted, well more than 5 like that days and I quit 20 days challenge and switch to work finding full time plan and if that wont work to give up plan with keeping in mind that I will need to see a doctor for some help with my melancholic depression that keeps me in such unproductive moode

Now is 3:39 AM at 2011 11 11 a good date for having a breaking moment in you life, huh? What next? I propably wont sleep all nigth till 7 when i will start a first day at my challenge day so till then I will clean my computer and defragment it because recently i had some problems with him, he was laging and frozing for some time while i'm playing poker, also i'll will delete all my videos, games ect. because i wont needed them and keep computer just poker, then I'll revise again my notes and the new challenge will begin


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