Thursday, 24 November 2011

My plan how finnaly to reach 1250$ poker bankroll till december 26 (in 30 days) and to star living from poker

"When there is hop in the future, there is power in the present

They say that you should have a dream and then a plan how to achieve that dream, plus commitment to follow your dream.

Today I withdraw my 23 $ from pokerstars website to pay bank, electricity bill and hopefully ill have like 2 dollars for food next month. So now I'm left with last 10 $ on titan poker room.

Dream? I have a dream till December 26 christmas to reach 1250, this would be ultimate bankroll limit after which I can start to play for living, then till new year (5 days) to win on NL0.5 - 600 dollars, which would use to pay my January rent and finally normal food.

My schedule

after some drafts i finally come up with the best possible productive schedule that feels possible to try:
06:00-09:00 poker studies(to blog about yesterday sessions, 1 article summarize,watch 1 video)
09:00-10:00 walking time, just to get fresh air and at least once per day to leave a day
10:00=11:00 Lunch (watching tv series)
11:00-17:00 1st poker session 6 hours
17:00-17:30 Dinner time, just break
17:30-23:30 pokeris 2nd session 6 hours
23:30-24:00 notes taking, what to review tommorow
24:00-00:30 reading not poker and sleaping

I need to reach 10/100 BB winrate with MSS. My most productivity - 6 tables and 400 hands per hour. So if i reach this winrate, then with 12 hours of poker session per day I can play 4800 hands and to get 480 BB per day

Ultimate rule - leave the table when it gets to tight and to look for new table with fishes it was a big leak in all my previous games

Bankroll steps (i choose to follow BSS bankroll since later I want to switch to BSS so it would better to keep on it) anyway here is bankroll goals:

Formula - money goal/level BB= BBgoal/480 BB= how many days that can took me

NL2 (bb -0.02) - to win 100 $ or 5000BB = 10 days
NL4 (bb-0.04) - to win 150$(250$) or 3750BB = 8 days
NL10 (bb-0.10) - to win 375 $(625$) or 3750BB = 8 days
NL25 (bb-0.25) - to win 625 $(1250$) or 2500BB =6 days

in total - 31 days. So if I start at November 26 I will finis at December 26
Then I move on NL1 and play all the rest 4 days which makes 1920$ then I can have a decent and normal new year...

Is it possible? If I would be a betting company and needed to make a odds, considering that I failed so hard all time before(above diagram -60 dollars in 3 monts) and that I didn't not have a discipline to follow my previuos goal "20 days challenge, consider all this I would go with 1:50 that I will reach all those goals. In other words - almost impossible. I have one day today to think about that and to find motivation and how I can reach that and to write a new blog psot, then to go

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