Saturday, 26 November 2011

I just won $8.52 in 1.5 hours !! CATCH THOSE M******* FISHES

BB: 426.00
BB/100: 204.81
Hands: 208
MT:4 tables
NL2 (0.02 BB)
titpoints: 394
Total bankroll: 20$

WOhooooooooooooooooooooo. I needed to stop playing because I got too exited, in such short time such a good amount, An the most important and why I become so excited is not that I won, but because i finally find how to break througth and start winning or I found the biggest leak in poker carerr so far - I wasn't going for fishes !!!!!!!!!!!! I won now the biggest amount from two fishes, very loose and could play wiht just one Ace+, one was a total manica was always refulling to maximum amount and going all in with everything (probably drunk)

Anyway the importan think is that all those fishes stays in room with biggest av. pot. I ussualy avoid those rooms because they had like 4-6 waiting playes and I wanted to play as soon as psoible so I was picking rooms with biggest av. pot and 0 waiting rooms. A HUGE MISTAKE. It totaly worth to wait because then i got a chance to play against such childrens and it is so easy to get money from them, so from now on I always choose only big av. pot rooms even in that means to wait longer and whenever i feel that room becoem to tigth and not profit I will choose a new room with max. av. pot

Maybe today i was little bit lucky but still the lesson about seeing fish is good as well as to try avoid confrontation with nits or rock, that I learned today too, because my biggest lose even with KK was against nits.

Also it is important to stay focus, I found out that when you start winning you start be exited and that can lead to loose game, very bad, thank go that i have this strategy so whenever i feel to loose i just switch my brains and command them to start focusing on following the strategy and eventually I come down and start to be more concentrated.

My new schedule with reading articles before session also good idea, I found that this helps my brains to switch to poker mood and htinking so on tables I can play better.

But ofcourse the most important new lession is to go for fishes. Fuck yeah

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