Sunday, 27 November 2011

So what is poker success formula by me?

So a day before yesterday as I wrote I put a task for myself - to understand why am I failing in poker career and what key would unlock a success to me. I was thinking even all night but didn't figure anything significant and magical. There is one simple true about poker or at least how I understand everything. I need just to answer two simple questions -What actions can bring a success for me in Poker? How can I do that? In my view the anwsers are this:

What actions can bring success for me in Poker? There is two simple words to anwser this question - knowledge and discipline The can be separate to other small statemenets:
1) To revise all the posible teory on level by level so well that I am able to esplain it by myself and feel comfortable that i really understant it
2) Always updateing my current knowlede, ther is never a supreme state where i can stop developing and updating knowledge
3) Have a sharp brain and intelligence to be able to adopt my knowledge to a special situation, go beyond theory with many variance.

1) To discipline myself to follow a thin schedule with lots of time for learning and playing poker
2) To discipline myself to give the most of me, energy and focuses while playing or studying.

So the second question - How can I do that?

There was one extremely good advice that I've recieved at pokerstrategy website from a coach just when I started my beginners course - force force FORCE You need to force things to happen.

But to do that you obviuosly need an motivation. I think that there is two way to get motivation - happy and angry. Happy would be ofcourse when you have alot fullfilments in your life -friends a supportive partner, family, have already a stabile and social life, you mtoivated to do things so you can later to impress other or share happiness with them or because they help you and you don't want to despondent them.

Unfortunately I am not in that situation but in complete opposite - Im living far away from my home, isolated from family and forgotten by all friends, in a small shit room, which i hate now and can't afford, as well as i have no money even for food, nothing I hate my situation and that I am closed here, write now i just want to threw up from discusting place that im in and discusting spaggeti that i eat in this month, because of my stupid apartament where you need to pay for shower, i can't now even afford to take a fucking shower. Totally alone and desperate, so here you go the only one thing that left to me how to motivate myself is ANGRY

Angry on my shit situation on that i wasted years and did not achieve anything, angry to quit that and move from that a simple and pure fucking ANGRY

So here it is the anwser how to do that and a key to succes is - TO FEEL STRONG ANGRINESS THAT WILL PUSH ME TO FORCE MYSELF TO GAIN KNOWLEDGE AND DISCIPLINE

And that MUST bring me finnaly from struggle to stability
I won't write more articles on motivation and my depressive situation, but will concentrate on a game and hopefully I wont needed to write that because I will progress, here are some tunes that describes the best my current mood:

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