Thursday, 3 November 2011

My donk game

So I had one good day when in three hours i earned 1.98$ and then i had two donk days when with stupid donk moves on all in I lsot all my buy in and winnings from session boom one day -5 another -3% and in total now november is - 6.02 $ Just great. The most anoying thing is that i was playing good and those stupid donk movies took all my buy in and now crushed me again and i really am in deep depression with my other problems and that this poker career seems not progressing.

i don know what i was tkingkindI saw heavily draw board and knew that oponent might have flush he raise and i suddently start to play liek monster catch a drill with thinking that he maybe is bluffing and I will be extremely lucky with catching hes blufff so I go all in they call and Im broken, The msot stupid thing that after two times liek that i realise my mistake and do that again ...


I need to realise that it is not a shame to fold on a bluff and especially when it is heavy draw board with option that your oponent has a better hand and you dont have any information about your oponet or even worst - when you know that he is a tigth player and suddenly starts rising on 3 couloures board jesus christ how bad i played

here is some examples :
i have As9h in Mp1 in that position actually needs to fold but i limp together with co and BB checks board - Th8h7h co bets 0.05 i call cause i have flush/straigth draw turn comes j so i have nuts straigth i bet 0.14 CO goes all in i call and it turns he has a flush my nuts straigt loose, what was sick about this hand that i lost to the same oponent when he had a straigth so i guess i was ego to get back my money but it was mroe than obviuosly that he is not bluffing because it was tigth palyer and flush was posible

other stupid play - i have As7h (sounds familiar?)and im in mp1 again and again I should fold but i limp board comes Ah kh 6h BB checks, UTG2 bets $0.05, Hero raises to $0.19, 3 folds, UTG2 raises to $0.33, Hero calls $0.14. Turn: ($0.77) 8 club
UTG2 bets $0.38, Hero raises to $1.43, UTG2 calls $1.05.

River: ($3.63) 2 club (2 players)
UTG2 bets $0.38, Hero raises to $0.38 (All-In).

UTG2 shows a flush, ace high (Qh Th)


Anyway that is a past now i have the smallest bankroll ever but need to go forward

I also start using program sidekick and enter 888 and poker 770 rooms and ogt free money (about 8 dollars in each) everything jsut so i get some extra points pon website cause I lost my silver status this month, i sill maybe will player on some tournament at one of those rooms but my mind focus is still on titant poker poker starts and partypoker)

My plans for this week - today im gonna play on freerol tournament with 2000 dolars prize my minimum plan to get to ITM, maximum - 6th place after that tommorow ill be working on education amterials and try to finish begginers course andto watch all ivdeos about small stack strategy and on the weekend i want to do go to ful lgear and do 50 hours MT with SSS my current goal on bankroll is to get back 100 dollars and to move to next limit Nl4

i really feel terible these days, i have a problem with balancing my time - not sleeping at nigths sleeping at day terrible feelings and no progress in fiding job so depressive mode and that really efects poekr game too

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