Monday, 31 October 2011

october sucked or why discipline is more important than the results

Foto: my all time bankroll chart since september -47 dollars current bankroll - 60 $ or 37 pounds

so almost all october month i did not write anything here and basicly my poker carerr was the same as this blog that month - nothing what to tell about. I simple did not maanged to force myself to go for those goals that i put on me. there are many reasons for why that happend but everythign sums up to one reason - lack of discipline. first two weeks i had some personal problems that pull me out of the rythm later i tried to finish first education tasks that i set up for myself in previous post, but it appearce that a simple begginesr course at poker strategy tooks longer to do than i taugth. Well technicly i could done al homeworks quicly jsut after viewing any videos, because i already before read all basic and bronze articles but i lacked confidence in my game so i wanted to review everything with a writing a notes of every single artic to my notebook and this takes time but totally worth it. After finishing 5 lessons i started to play a little bit and kind of get to exited that did not continue on education and kept just playing.

But i was still going down in my bankroll, my session possed of some good hands a little profit and then i always go broke on stupid hand that takes all my session profit and makes day numbers down. It keep happening because of my stupid idea to mix watchin tv series and movies while playing hands. It started because i waskeep getting bored waiting for good hands on that time while you have to fold many hands you anyway do nothing so you are not focused and concentrate, also i did not want to go back to 4 tables and after great losts in multitabling I wanted to shape my skills on one table and more slowly grow number of tables till Ill be confident to play 4 tables again. So i taugth hey Ill jsut watch smthn till playing and went i get good hand Ill stop the video and concentrate on a game. But eventually you anyway start loosing concentration you mind flys not around poker and you start doing mistakes.

Money lost broke my spirit of poker but then the last day of poker i had 3 hours of poker sesion where i concentrated and won the bigges profit so far -200 BB. Maybe I was lucky but it gave me confidence to continue, honoustly i feel that i developed poker theory and my game I jsut need to force myself to be discipline to focus on game and I will progress.

While i was thinking about poker in last month i realised that I learned two lessons - 1) discipline and concentration is more important then knowledge of theory in poker (and basicly in everythin else) with idisciplini can develope my theory knowledge and with concentration i can put theory on practise 2) poker is such uniqe game that even if you play good yo ucan still lose money so i need to be concentrate not on making profit and coutned my winrate but concetrate on my game if doen a rigth choise or not. Even if i win it still can mean that i jsut get lucky so with bad play in lon run I ll lose anyway and with good game even if i lose one or two games in long run i have more probabilties to make money of that. At the end of the day the good game is something that i need to look for not money result.

And more improtant that if i want to get to my results i need to force myself for hard work even if that means to forcing myself to focus my mind on poker and paisantly waiting for good hands. It wont be easy but nothing in the world that worth having comes easy

besides that i learned that i should not lose my spirit just because of failures. Failures is compolsury if i want to learn and develope myself because how else ill knew what i need to develope if i wont faile?

So lets start a new month fresh

My goals for November

discipline myself to play to spend 6 days per week every day 10 hours of playing poker and 4 hours spending on education + every day to write this blog with what I learned and did that day.

Besides that I will have to find a job to pay my bills and probably to sponsor my poker (Ill be looking ofr it in the mornings and sending cvs, when ill start a job or if ill start a job obviuosly my previous goal will change to - just spending all the free of work time to poker)

Bring on November

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