Thursday, 8 December 2011

8.12 +2.42

Winn/Loss: $2.42
BB: 121.00
BB/100: 8.52
Hands: 1420
MT: 4 tables
had some suckouts, bad play hands ect. but in totally I'm doing a good progress in disciplining myself and playing solid conservative game

Hud stats
Had a problem with elepehant which showin numbers for wrong players so I'm playing with no HUD stats, it's so frustrating and I believe I lost because of that too, because can't identify either I'm againts tigth or loose player. If tomorrow it won't fix himself and I won't get any help fro msupporting teams I will switch to free trail of Holdem Manager

Audio Books
I found out that it's much better to listen audio books than music while I'm playing in terms of keeping me focus and not bored. Audio books do not put me so on emotions like music and also makes my brains to work, because you need to listen and keep with a book, so my brains are in work position and that helps also to keep shape attention on tables plus I'm learning something on that time while listening so it is really usefull

Go for good hand not good profit
Finnaly I'm starting to understand the most improtant rule of poker - you have to make a good moves, the result than is irreliavant, you may loss in a short term but good moves in averange win in long term, so i have to go for good playing and forget the profit. Ofcourse when you set up youresl to live from poker it's hard not to hink about them, but I must, money will come as long as I will think about good plays instead of how much I'm earning

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